Facing challenges while building the future?

I will help you resolve them!

I'm a Designer and Developer hybrid

My name is Sven Lochner and sporting a diverse set of skills, I am able to bring a new and differentiated perspective to the table.
Being a hybrid of Designer and Developer is valuable, as I am able to maintain a clear view of both sides of the coin.

I can help you with:

  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Frontend Development


UX Design

Creating prototypes, perfecting them via User Testing and overseeing their development.
I am very thankful for new experiences.

UI Design

Bringing prototypes to life, in the form of a functional and beautiful Screen Design.
This is my primary trade.


Editing photos and creating other pixel-based art. I used to create UI-Designs with it, before I switched to Sketch.


My primary tool for UI-Design.


Illustrating and other vector-related artwork


I use Invision or Axure for prototyping, depending on requirements.


I use Invision or Axure for prototyping, depending on requirements.



My design skills are extremely helpful for creating experiences, which are both functional and beautiful.


WordPress is Backend for me. I have years of experience, coding my own themes and plugins.


I started coding HTML, when I was 12. So it's like a second language to me.


From regular styling to animations: Everything is within the realm of possibility.



I follow current ES6 standards and know my frameworks.

Node.js + Gulp.js

Automating tasks is a huge time saver and makes collaboration easier.
Postcss, Handlebars, Babel and Browserify are some libraries, I regularly use.

Git + Bitbucket

I am able to perform all basic tasks necessary, for sharing a repository with a team.

The depths of my personality

My goal is to ensure my ability to help the ones who are help-worthy, with all my personal potential. Considering competition as a waste of energy, I choose to focus on the advantages of collaboration with compassion, understanding and empathy. Drawing on my experience in User Interface Design, my future desire is to contribute to the process of User Experience Design.

Nice to know


Meditating every day

Quiet, kind and reflecting


Build my own furniture



Visualizing Utopias

Capturing Moments

Enjoying the Quietness of Nature

Daydreaming about random stuff

Bringing Balance to Life, the Universe and Everything

Observing and Learning

A look at the outside

Now that you've gotten to know my introverted self, I’d like to share with you, what I carry into the world.
If you are interested in hiring me and haven’t had a look at my personality yet, I’d really appreciate it.
In my book, personality and mindset wins over skillset in most situations. It is essential for quickly acquiring and improving skills needed and contributing to a team in a fun, long-term way.

Elbcontent Design and Development
Schwan Stabilo Cosmetics Frontend Development
LED Controller Experience Design for mobile app
Urban improvement Unleashing our cities potential
Drawing and Illustration Hobby Stuff
Photography One of my primary sources of quiet


Technologies used

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, for creating design concepts
  • Fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3
  • Java Script (jQuery)
  • NPM + Gulp for taskrunning, combined with handlebars.js for templating
  • Git for versioning

Elbcontent is the project of a good friend and freelance writer, Eike Kewitz.

This modern Onepager was created using the Bootstrap responsive framework, combined with some custom wizardry in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Having a very content heavy website initially, the challenge was to lighten things up and provide more orientation for users. This enabled them to quickly get the information they need, without feeling obstructed by massive walls of text - all while still retaining the ability to display his know-how as a content writer.

We achieved this by including various images, supporting the messages delivered by large headings and using different columns, blocks and other layouting techniques.

If you ever need the service of an outstanding content writer, you can visit his webpage right here.

Schwan Stabilo Cosmetics

Technologies used

  • Fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3
  • Java Script (jQuery)
  • NPM + Gulp for taskrunning, combined with handlebars.js for templating
  • Collaborative usage of Bitbucket repository

In collaboration with the digital agency Forever Digital GmbH, I was responsible for implementing the Frontend of Schwan Stabilo Cosmetic's new website.
The goal of my work was to provide the Backend Team with a high quality solution, which they could use for integration with their Content Management System.

Therefore, it was important for me to act as a middleman and balance the requirements of the Design Team with those of the Backend Team - all, while ensuring fast page speeds on all end-user device types, in accordance with the newest web standards.

I structured the project using the taskrunner Gulp.js, in combination with the package manager Npm.js. Also, the Template Engine Framework Handlebars.js was included, to allow for a modular setup. This enabled a seamless communication between teams.

LED Controller

Technologies used

  • Bouncing ideas with other people and first prototyping stages via Pen and Paper
  • After that: Adobe Illustrator, for creating design prototypes
  • Invision, for iterative improvements of prototypes

Desiring to flex my design muscles, I chose this project because of a lack of decent LED controllers out there.
The main element of this app is the large color wheel in the center. This enables the user to select color and brightness combined, whereas conventional apps need seperate selections for these two parameters.

Furthermore the color wheel provides a way to quickly create custom gradient fade effects with a theoretically unlimited amount of color stops.

Urban Improvement

Technologies used

  • Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Open Street Map
  • statista.com and similar sources, for checking numbers and possibilities

Modern cities are a true melting pot of great minds, ideas and visions.

Unfortunately, as cities tend to produce anonymity and stress, they suffocate any chance of exchange between residents. This leads to lots of wasted potential for positive change in society.

As a hobby, I focus on creating ways to improve these conditions and make cities into a true home, instead of just an anonymous cluster of people.

Building high instead of sprawling

German Cities don't feature many tall buildings. This eats up lots of valuable space, wich can be used for recreation, growing food or reverting it to nature.
So why not tare some neighborhoods down, move the residents to a fancy modern skyscraper, with sky gardens and the like, and create a beautiful park around it? I did just this with a neighborhood in Hamburg, near Straßburger Straße.
Google Maps coords: 53.580249, 10.061334.

Transforming rooftops into gardens

Cities could be so much better, if we'd just make an effort to use all available space for plants. Flat roofs are obvious candidates, but also walls can be planted with vertical gardens, in ways that don't damage the facade.

Drawing and Illustration

Drawing beautiful landscapes is one of my favorite pastimes.
Since I often gift my drawings, they usually involve friends or their surroundings.

Because my drawings are primarily intended as gifts to others, I've only digitalized a few of them.
Therefore I am happy to share the ones with you, which are displayed above!

Also, the pencil is my preferred tool for creating them. This is mostly due to the workflow's more physical feeling of "getting your hands dirty", providing a very refreshing contrast to working in front of a screen all day.


Technologies used

  • Cameras: Sony A7, Sony RX100, iPhone SE
  • Lenses: Anywhere between 16mm and 50mm on full frame
  • Adobe Photoshop

Taking pictures is a means of observing my surroundings and being at peace.

Observing people and things and acknowledging the beauty in who or what they are, is something I love doing. Be it out in nature or on the job, during a design review.
I use photography as yet another tool to capture my individual reality and share it with others. But also as a way to focus and be at peace.

If you liked the photos in the slideshow above, I have more for you on my Facebook page.